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Sentencia 149/08, de trece de marzo, Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona, Sección decimosexta.


AUTHOR: Judith Solé Resina. Civil Law Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
TITLE: Sentencia 13.03.2008, Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, March 2010

Internal link: Sentencia

Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona
Judge: D. Jordi Seguí Puntas
Date: 13.03.2009


The relation that exists between the veterinary and the owner of the cat who comes to his office is a veterinary services contract, which main obligation is just a media obligation. Therefore, the contractual liability derives from de damage caused by a veterinarian’s negligence, and he must compensate the material damage and the moral damage produced by the animal’s death.

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