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Companion animals and the civil movement



A rather large number of people devote time, effort and money from their own pockets to rescuing and caring for abandoned animals. They are usually associated in NGOs that work to alleviate this social problem.

These important and generous voluntary efforts do not receive the social recognition nor the financial support they deserve. Spanish legislation in this area is unsatisfactory as it gives inadequate support to these associations and shelters, many of which are not even granted the status of NGO.

This situation is in stark contrast with that of the United Kingdom, where a greater social sensitiveness to animal suffering has found its reflection in the Law, and in the fact that it was in the UK that the first animal welfare association was founded: the RSPCA, which enjoys Royal patronage. It would be most desirable that the Spanish legislation were improved to provide better legal support for these associations. Greater financial support, through subsidies and sponsorships, is also needed, as well as a general climate of greater social recognition.

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