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Problemas Bioéticos de la experimentación con Animales no-Humanos


AUTHOR: Fabiola Leyton. Investigator. Observatorio de Bioética y Derecho. Universitat de Barcelona
TITLE: Problemas Bioéticos de la experimentación con Animales no-Humanos

PUBLICATION PLACE: dA web Center, September 2010

Links in da web Center: in "Experimentation”, at Base de Datos, you can find all the internatinal, european, Spanish, autonomic and local legislation about this topic; Lluis Ferrer, Of Mice and Men: Reflexiones sobre la ética de la experimentación animal

Animal research is a contentious issue that has strong defenders and detractors. As a field of science and technology whose development, results and products affect the whole society, the complaint about the moral problem for research involving animals that suffer is an issue that requires an open and multidisciplinary discussion. This text will address the issue from their characteristics and historical context, to analyze from bioethics using two key concepts: speciesism and consent.

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