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Otra dignidad: la cuestión de los animales


AUTHOR: Montserrat Escartín
TITLE: Otra dignidad: la cuestión de los animales

PUBLICATION DATE: Pamplona 2009, Civitas
PUBLICATION PLACE: Sobre la Dignidad y los Principios: Análisis de la Declaración Universal sobre Bioética y Derechos Humanos de la UNESCO, (coord. María Casado), p 155-179 (ISBN: 978-84-470-3261-7).
Reproduced with express authorization of the author in: dA web Center, March 2010

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The article questions the traditional sense die to the word dignity in relation to the Bioética and reserved only for the human beings inside the universal Statement of the human rights of 1948 at the same time that it questions that it have defined the equality between the men but no between these and the animals, when taking for granted that the first have dignity and the seconds us. Also, what aporta the concept to the Statement, his perspective of future and analyse in depth his article 17 that analyses the Protection of the Means Ambiente, the Biosfera and the Biodiversidad, analysing the alternative proposals for the animals from the intellectual world.
Key words

bioética, dignity, especismo, animal, human right statement

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