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Travelling with pet animals Can I travel with my pet by train?
Reports Guide for presenting a report
Shared ownership. I am going to divorce my husband, but a doubt has crossed my mind. Who will keep the dog? My husband or me? He wants to keep it, but I would like, at the very least, to share ownership. Is this possible?
Veterinary malpractice The veterinarian to whom I brought my dog committed an act of negligence that caused my dog to pass away. What can I do? Is there a form to sue the veterinarian for the responsibility of the dog’s death?
Potentially dangerous animals I have a large dog and I would like to know if it is possible to insure it in the case, though I hope improbable, that in the future the dog hurts someone
Travelling with pet animals In two months time I have to travel to Germany with my cat, is it necessary to have a special document to leave Spain with my cat or is it enough to have his health card?
Animal mistreatment The other day I saw a man who was yelling at a dog in the Maritime Passage in Barcelona, pushing him forcefully, although without actually hitting or mistreating him, strictly speaking. Does this behavior count as an infraction?
Housing animals I live in Barcelona, and a little while ago I was given a dog and I already have one. The two are quite big and they do not fit in my flat. Can I keep one of these on the balcony which would allow them both to live with enough spacious?
Travelling with pet animals Can I travel by bus or metro with pets?
Travelling with pet animals Can I travel with my pet on a long distance bus trips?
Travelling with pet animals Can I travel with my pet by ship/ferry?
Travelling with pet animals Can I travel in a plane with my pet?
Mutillations Can I bring my dog/cat to the veterinarian so that they can cut its tail?
Animals in mass media I have seen that they have given away a dog as a prize on television/radio/in the press. Is this allowed?
Animal mistreatment Every day I see a dog tied up the majority of the time. Is this behavior permitted?
Lost and abandoned animals I’ve seen an abandoned animal. What should I do?
animal mistreatment I’m aware of a case of animal mistreatment. What should I do?
Pets' identification Is it mandatory that my dog/cat/ferret be identified and entered into the censo (registry)?
Impossibility of taking care of an animal I can no longer take care of my pet. What can I do?
Administrative and health obligations and prohibitions. What administrative and health obligations do I have as the owner/holder of a dog/cat/ferret?
Travelling with pet animals Travelling with pet animals
Acquiring and adopting pet animals I want to acquire a pet animal. Is it better to buy one in a store, from a breeder or adopt one?
Exotic animals I am thinking of acquiring an exotic pet. What should I know?
Acquiring and adopting pet animals I want to adopt a pet an animal. What do I need to do?
Travelling with pet animals If I travel with my pet, what should I know?
Administrative requirements for the introduction of pets What requirements must be met for the introduction of pets into Spain?
Selling products of cat and dog fur I’ve seen objects in a store which appear to be made of the skins of animals such as dogs or cats. Is the possible?
Potentially dangerous animals What documentation is needed in order to have a potentially dangerous animal?
Civil responsibility If my dog causes an accident, who is responsible?
Feeding stray animals Can I feed the cats which live in the street?
Death of pets My dog/cat/ferret has passed away. What should I do?
Lost and abandoned animals I have lost my dog/cat and I don’t know where to look for it
Acquiring and adopting pet animals We have acquired a dog (in a store or in an animal nursery center) and after three days he has become ill and they have told us that he has a very grave hereditary illness. Can we demand money back/an exchange?
Administrative and health oblitgations and prohibitions Can you spread sulfur to prevent dogs from urinating?