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2010.02.20 Belén Lao Rodríguez
february 2010
Legislación inglesa y norteamericana: Derecho Animal
2014.08.12 Elizabeth Montero Romero
august 2014
Commentary on the recent movement for the legal ban on the use of animals in circuses in Mexico.
2014.07.09 Cristina Bécares Mendiola
july 2014
Commentary on the Draft of the Pre-Project for the Law which establishes the Basic regulation for the sale and responsible ownership of dogs and cats
2014.09.08 Raquel López Teruel
september 2014
Precautionary measures in the criminal procedures for animal abuse (Commentary on the confiscation of more than 100 animals in a case of presumed abuse in the municipality of Bullas (Murcia)
2014.09.11 María González Lacabex
september 2014
The ban on exhibiting animals in store fronts. Commentary on the proposed Municipal Ordinance of Zaragoza on the protection, responsible ownership and sale of animals
september 2014
Japanese Animal Advocates Get Creative -To Close Mink Fur Farm
2014.09.11 Moe Honjo
september 2014
Mass Fish Deaths in Aquarium and the Legal Response in Japan
2014.12.03 María González Lacabex
december 2014
The administrative license for the possession of potentially dangerous dogs: Compulsory exclusively for owners?
april 2015
Minimum standards for the protection of pigs at farms: Comment on the Royal Decree 1135/2002, of 31st October, and on the amendments made by the Royal Decree 1392/2012, of 5th October
2014.05.21 Moe Honjo
may 2014
Can Farm Animal be an object of legal protection in Japan? ―The current situation and problems of Japanese Animal Law
2014.04.16 Moe Honjo
april 2014
Public Animal Shelters in Japan
2010.02.22 Oriol Caudevilla Parellada
february 2010
American Animal Welfare Legislation
2010.06.09 David N.Cassuto
june 2010
The CAFO Hothouse: Climate Change, Industrial Agriculture and the Law
2010.07.11 Prof.Dr.Carmen Requejo Conde
july 2010
La protección penal de la fauna. Especial consideración del delito de maltrato de animales. Capítulo I. El delito de maltrato a los animales domésticos
2010.10.19 Jules Verne
october 2010
Diez horas de caza
2012.07.12 Concha Castro Álvarez
july 2012
Intervention of municipal administration regarding the installation of farmin: Adapting to European legislation on animal welfare
march 2013
Dr. M. Wartenberg, Q&A by Master's Program Students
2013.04.17 Jean- Pierre Marguénaud
april 2013
L’Animal en droit français
2014.04.16 Elizabeth Montero Romero
april 2014
Legislative News in Mexico
2014.04.16 Samuel Leon
april 2014
Reforms in Criminal matters regarding Animal Abuse in Mexico
2014.04.16 Julia Havenstein
april 2014
Some highlights of animal welfare legislation and jurisprudence in Germany
2015.12.23 Krizia Said
december 2015
The imaginary constructed from Hollywood. The dog seen an object of consumption.