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2017.10.11 Nuria Menéndez de Llano Rodríguez
october 2017
Mosterín: Empathy for animals
january 2017
Publication of the book 'The legal status of feral cats in Spain, France and The United Kingdom' by Agnès Dufau
2016.12.04 Macarena Montes
december 2016
The control of the population of pigeons through contraceptive methods in Barcelona
2016.11.25 Tagore Trajano
november 2016
Conference at the OAB/SE defends dignity as an inherent value for all animals
2016.07.11 Laura Favières Català
july 2016
Coetzee and the limits of the survival
2016.04.17 Luciano Rocha Santana
april 2016
Luciano Rocha Santana reviews the Book 'Sufre, luego importa', by Francisco Lara and Olga Ramos'
2016.02.17 Pedro Pozas Terrados
february 2016
Great apes: living heritage of humanity
2015.12.23 Alessia Bacigalupo
december 2015
Argo and the canine fidelity
2015.11.09 Carly Elizabeth Souther
november 2015
Book Announcement: ¿Qué puede Aprender el Derecho Animal de Derecho Ambiental? o What Can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law?
2015.10.09 Carla Campanaro
october 2015
The Federation of Veterinarians for Europe (FVE) is calling for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses across all Europe. Another crucial step for animals welfare in entertainment waiting for an ever more urgent official ban from european institutio
2015.09.08 Martina Pluda
september 2015
Removing the blinkers - The pioneering report on the health and welfare of EU horses, donkeys and mules
2015.08.18 Oriol Caudevilla
august 2015
Review of Animals and the Law
2015.08.18 Moe Honjo
august 2015
A Symposium: 'Animal and Law' in Japan
2017.01.22 Martina Pluda
january 2017
Important novelties in Austrian animal welfare legislation as of 1/4/16
2017.01.22 Carla Campanaro
january 2017
Ruling issued by the Appellate Court of Brescia and another conviction for the president, the director and the veterinarian of Green Hill for mistreatment and killing
2017.01.22 Carla Campanaro
january 2017
The Italian Criminal Court of Padova sentenced the circus’ director for cruelty to animals
2017.09.29 Amores perros
september 2017
Krizia Said Castagno
2017.08.20 Julia Havenstein
august 2017
Animals in Circuses. Overview about the legal situation in Germany
2017.07.27 Gustavo Federico de Baggis
july 2017
Arturo, Sandra, Poli and Cecilia: four paradigmatic cases of Argentine jurisprudence
2017.07.27 Francisco Capacete González
july 2017
An indecent proposition?
2017.05.11 Raffaela Cersosimo
may 2017
2017.04.03 Francisco Capacete González
april 2017
Municipal legislation progresses: Calviá
2017.04.03 Anaële Genet
april 2017
Could Article 515-14 of the French Civil Code begin to bear fruit?
2017.03.08 Hall, Arellano and Ramírez Barreto
march 2017
In Memory of Tom Regan
2017.02.20 Francisco Capacete
february 2017
In memory of Tom Regan
2017.02.03 Javier Ernesto Baquero
february 2017
Comparative analysis of legal acts concerning the protection of animals of bovine and ovine species during road transport in the European Union and in Lebanon” by Julia Havenstein
2017.02.02 Luciano Rocha Santana
february 2017
The elimination of local public animal protection bodies: the case of the Special Secretary of Animal Rights (SEDA) of the Municipality of Porto Alegre, Brasil
2017.01.22 Carla Campanaro
january 2017
The 16 macaques of the University of Modena have been adopted by LAV, an important case of reintegration of animals used for animal testing
2015.06.02 Carly Elizabeth Souther
june 2015
Animal Law in a Capsule Collection: United States of America - Part III: Torts
2015.05.05 Patrizia Legovini
may 2015
A new economic model is the key to a global diversity inclusion and fairness
2015.05.05 Carla Campanaro
may 2015
The president, the director and the veterinary of Green Hill conicted for illegals mistreatment and killing of animals - an historic sentence for animal rights in Italy and all Europe
2013.07.03 Elisabet Miras Lara
july 2013
Municipal ordinance about pets in Cerdanyola del Vallès
2013.01.23 Marta Rey Cervós
january 2013
Muerte de Sorky Das Pont, posibles consecuencias jurídicas en el ámbito penal y en el ámbito deportivo.
2013.01.16 Oriol Caudevilla
january 2013
Jeremy Bentham, a pioneer
2012.08.02 Carlos Andrés Contreras López
august 2012
Chronicle Animal Law and Ethics Conference, Zurich 2012
2012.02.20 Marlene Wartenberg
february 2012
The new Animal Welfare strategy of the EU 2012-2015
2011.09.23 Oriol Caudevilla Parellada
september 2011
Wu Cheng'en: Journey to the West or Monkey , one of the great classics of Chinese literature
2011.08.01 María González Lacabex
august 2011
Tradiciones vs. Bienestar Animal: Propuesta de la juventud a Naciones Unidas
2011.01.07 Anna Mulà
january 2011
La abolición de las corridas de toros en Cataluña
2010.09.28 Oriol Caudevilla
september 2010
Comentario crítico de la novela "Soy un gato"
2010.06.09 Mercedes Cano-Herrera
june 2010
Tauromaquia e identidad moral de Cataluña
2010.05.24 David N.Cassuto
may 2010
Animal Sacrifice and the First Amendment
2010.03.21 Pablo de Lora
march 2010
Comparecencia del Prof. Pablo de Lora ante la Comissió de Medi Ambient i Habitatge del Parlament de Catalunya (4.3.2010)
2013.09.07 Juan Ignacio Serra
september 2013
Sexual abuse of animals in Argentina
2013.11.18 María González Lacabex
november 2013
Report on the EU Conference on the welfare of dogs and cats. Brussels, 2013
2013.12.05 Sabine Brels
december 2013
Condition animale et politique: Quelles stratégies?, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris le 25.10.2013
2015.04.21 Carly Elizabeth Souther
april 2015
Animal Law in a Capsule Collection: United States of America - Part II: Criminal Law
2015.04.21 Shantal Maroun
april 2015
Hunting crimes in Lebanon facing government and public indiference
2015.03.04 María Isabel Aristizábal Bustamante
march 2015
Coment of the book 'Animals, emotions and morality, marking the booundary' de B.A. Dixon.
2015.03.03 Jerico Fiestas Flores
march 2015
CITES. Convention on international trade in endagered species of wild fauna and flora, by prof. Carlos Ibero Solana
2015.02.15 Carly Elizabeth Souther
february 2015
Animal Law in a Capsule Collection: United States of America - Part I: Introduction. Property
2015.01.04 Carla Campanaro
january 2015
Save the 4 dolphins from Rimini dolphinarium, the supreme court maintain their confiscation
2014.04.16 Sabine Brels
april 2014
The Media Impact of Animal Cruelty: The Case of Oscar and Marius
2014.03.10 Marion Bergere
march 2014
Book Commentary, Le chercheur et la souris by Georges Chapouthier and Françoise Tristani-Potteaux (Paris 2013)
2014.03.09 Anna Mulà
march 2014
Bullfighting contradicts the Convention on the Rights of the Child
2014.02.13 Emma Infante Sentelles
february 2014
The harmfull collar regulation: increasing the canine welfare
2014.01.08 Sabine Brels
january 2014
Table ronde sur l'Animal et l'enseignement
2013.12.13 Robert Hall
december 2013
Review of Adela Cortina, Las fronteras de la persona. El valor de los animales, la dignidad de los humanos
2010.03.17 Javier de Lucas
march 2010
Comparecencia del Prof. Javier de Lucas ante la Comissió de Medi Ambient i Habitatge del Parlament de Catalunya (4.3.2010)