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march 2015
2013.09.09 Birgitta Wahlberg
september 2013
An Introduction to the Finnish Legal Order and the Legal Status of Nonhuman Animals from a Public Law Point of View
2013.09.08 Sabine Brels
september 2013
L'apparition de la justice-bâillon au service de la cruauté illégale en France
2013.06.11 Sabine Brels
june 2013
Seal Hunt Debate at WTO: Between Animal Welfare and Public Morality
2013.03.15 Martí Pumarola i Batlle
march 2013
Animales e investigación en neuropatología veterinaria
2013.03.11 María González Lacabex
march 2013
La ciencia, también de su lado
2013.03.08 Patri Vergara
march 2013
Nueva legislación sobre la protección de los animales utilizados en investigación
2012.12.07 Sabine Brels
december 2012
La protection du bien-être animal en droit communautaire: Avancées, limites et propositions futures.
2012.11.13 Olivier Le Bot
november 2012
QPC ANTI-CORRIDA : Une saisine previsible, une decision discutable
2012.10.01 Jean-Marc Neumann
october 2012
La corrida, un acte de cruauté certes, mais conforme à la constitution française
2012.09.26 Sabine Brels
september 2012
Injustice et cruauté: la corrida constitutionnalisée
2012.08.02 María González Lacabex
august 2012
Sobre animales y desahucios
2013.10.02 Laurence Harang
october 2013
Vers une abolition de la vivisection (Regarding the abolition of vivisection)
2013.10.02 Tonio Borg
october 2013
Dr. iur. Tonio Borg's speech, for the INTERGROUP ON THE WELFARE AND CONSERVATION OF ANIMALS ( European Parliament)
2015.03.04 Elisabet Miras Lara
march 2015
Animal experiments, Royal Decree 53/2013
2014.10.15 Amanda Whitfort
october 2014
An ethical case study: Castration of piglets without anesthesia
2014.10.14 Bob Hall and S. Arellano
october 2014
Ethics and animals
2014.05.07 Emma Infante
may 2014
So close yet so far: Italy as a normative referente for Mediterranean countries
2014.03.10 Francesca Rescigno
march 2014
The Law of Cosmetics: Regulation, Responsibility, Bioethics
2014.03.10 Loïs Laimene Lelanchon
march 2014
Animal Protection Laws in France and Spain
2014.02.14 Valeria Berros, UNL-CONICET
february 2014
The Legal Status of Nature in Debate (meulen in the world of law)
2014.01.08 Sabine Brels
january 2014
Scoop de 2013: L'OMC devient pro-bien-être animal!
2013.12.04 Juan Ignacio Serra
december 2013
Animal Law in the legislation of the Republic of Argentina
2013.11.14 Moe Honjo
november 2013
The Lesson the United States of America Can Learn from the EU Law Regarding Laying Hens
2013.10.02 Daniel Parsons
october 2013
Animal Welfare, Market Power and Tangential Interests
2012.06.10 Sabine Brels
june 2012
‘Anti-fur’ Policy and the European Paradox: Towards a Ban on Fur Farming in the European Union?
2012.05.24 Sabine Brels
may 2012
Animal Welfare Protection: A Universal Concern to Properly Address in International Law
2012.03.07 Hana Mülerová
march 2012
Animals Finally above Objects and Stricter Criminalization of Cruelty: Some Insights in Czech Animal Legislation
2010.07.11 Ani B.Satz
july 2010
Animals as Vulnerable Subjects: Beyond Interest-Convergence, Hierarchy and Property
2010.06.09 Robert Abraham Sullivan
june 2010
The Power of Words: Lingüistic Patterns in English, may they affect our World View
2010.06.09 Oriol Caudevilla
june 2010
Los animales en el Corán
2010.05.26 Gary L.Francione
may 2010
Animal Welfare and the Moral Value of Nonhuman Animals
2010.05.24 David N.Cassuto
may 2010
Bred Meat: The Cultural Foundation of the Factory Farm
2010.04.22 Olivier le Bot
april 2010
La protection de l’animal en Droit constitutionnel. Etude de Droit Comparé
2010.03.17 Marta Tafalla
march 2010
Sobre perros y justicia. A propósito de la prohibición del sacrificio de perros abandonados en Cataluña
2010.03.17 Montserrat Escartín
march 2010
Otra dignidad: la cuestión de los animales
2010.02.07 Peter Singer
february 2010
Make meat-eaters pay: Ethicist proposes radical tax, says they're killing themselves and the planet
2010.02.06 Lluís Ferrer
february 2010
Of Mice and Men: Reflexiones sobre la ética de la experimentación animal
2010.01.31 David Favre
january 2010
Judicial Recognition of the Interests of Animals – A new Tort
2010.08.11 Steven M.Wise
august 2010
An Argument for the Basic Legal Rights of Farmed Animals
2010.09.28 Tagore Trajano
september 2010
Capacidade de ser parte dos Animais não-humanos: repensando os Institutos da Substituçao e Representaçao processual
2012.02.16 Andrew Linzey
february 2012
Enemies of human beings: Josep Ferrater Mora on blood fiestas
2011.09.06 Katherine Hessler
september 2011
The Role of the Animal Law Clinic
2011.09.06 Megan A. Senatori and Pamela D. Frasch
september 2011
The Future of Animal Law: Moving Beyond Preaching to the Choir
2011.08.01 Pamela D. Frasch, Hollie Lund
august 2011
The Unequal Treatment of Animals by Species and Practice in the United States: A Moral and Legal Dilemma
2011.08.01 Katherine Hessler
august 2011
Philosophical Foundations and Animals in Testing: Concerns and Consequences
2011.06.15 Rodolfo Sánchez Zepeda
june 2011
El maltrato a los animales: un problema que cuestiona nuestra propia racionalidad
2010.03.16 Montserrat Escartín
march 2010
No nada
2010.02.07 A.Gavinelli and N.Lakestani
february 2010
Animal welfare in Europe
2011.03.02 Prof.Silvana Castignone
march 2011
Saevitia in bruta est tirocinium crudelitatis in homines”: considerazioni sul rapporto bambini, animali, violenza.
2011.02.25 Georges Chapouthier
february 2011
Trois chemins éthiques de l’homme à l’animal
2010.09.28 Fabiola Leyton
september 2010
Problemas Bioéticos de la experimentación con Animales no-Humanos
2010.01.31 David Favre
january 2010