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The Animal Law database offers comprehensive information regarding legislation and jurisprudence on animals. We aim to answer your queries and to enrich our database with your contributions.

Once you have selected a keyword you may narrow your search by adding choices in the “Filters” box. Specifically, you may choose the type (jurisprudence or legislation), scope (international, European Union, National, Autonomous Communities or municipal), place (names of the Autonomous Communities and the capitals of Spanish provinces) and description (reference to the norm or sentence) of the sought documents.

Recent entries

type scope place date description
Legislation International International cases 03/11/2016 S Mendoza (Argentina) Habeas Corpus Cecilia
Jurisprudence Municipal La Rioja 16/09/2016 Modificacion Ordenanza Animales Ezcaray
Jurisprudence Municipal 13/09/2016 Declaracion Ciudad libre de maltrato animal
Jurisprudence International International law 08/08/2016 CP Estado de Hidalgo (México)
Legislation Autonomous Communities 29/07/2016 SAP A Coruña 477/16 Falta animales feroces
Jurisprudence National State Legislation 29/07/2016 Orden 1351/16 especies amenazadas
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities State Legislation 29/07/2016 Orden 1357/16 modifica Decretos razas perros y razas ganaderas
Jurisprudence Autonomous Communities Comunidad Valenciana 28/07/2016 Orden 20/16 aves fringílidas
Legislation Autonomous Communities Valladolid 27/07/2016 SAP Valladolid 243/16 Maltrato por omisión
Legislation Autonomous Communities Oviedo 26/07/2016 SAP Oviedo 310/16 Maltrato de gatos