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The Animal Law database offers comprehensive information regarding legislation and jurisprudence on animals. We aim to answer your queries and to enrich our database with your contributions.

Once you have selected a keyword you may narrow your search by adding choices in the “Filters” box. Specifically, you may choose the type (jurisprudence or legislation), scope (international, European Union, National, Autonomous Communities or municipal), place (names of the Autonomous Communities and the capitals of Spanish provinces) and description (reference to the norm or sentence) of the sought documents.

Recent entries

type scope place date description
Jurisprudence Municipal 14/03/2016 Ordenanza tenencia Monistrol de Montserrat
Jurisprudence European Union EU Legislation 09/03/2016 Reglamento (UE) 2016/429 del Parlamento
Jurisprudence Municipal 07/03/2016 Ordenanza tenencia animales Vidreres
Legislation Autonomous Communities Barcelona 29/02/2016 SAP Barcelona nº 157/2016. Antigua falta lesiones.
Legislation Autonomous Communities Cáceres 29/02/2016 STSJ Cáceres nº 79/16 (contencioso). Falta ley de caza
Legislation Autonomous Communities Oviedo 23/02/2016 SAP Oviedo nº 108/16. Antigua falta art. 631 CP
Legislation Autonomous Communities 23/02/2016 SAP Pontevedra nº 35/16. Antigua falta art. 631 CP
Legislation Autonomous Communities Barcelona 22/02/2016 SAP Barcelona nº 126/2016. Falta lesiones. Mordedura perro
Legislation Autonomous Communities Madrid 19/02/2016 SAP Madrid 54/16. Titularidad animal de compañía
Legislation Autonomous Communities Lérida 18/02/2016 SAP Lleida nº 56/16. Delito alzamiento bienes