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2017.09.27 september 2017
4th International Conference Minding Animals – Mexico City – January 2018
2016.04.20 april 2016
Dr. Antonio Vercher, spanish Supreme Court Environmental Prosecutor at the 'Animal Musings'
2016.04.18 april 2016
II Conference: The victims of animal abuse
2016.04.17 april 2016
Publication of 'The Legal Framework of animals in Chile, Colombia and Argentina' by Dr. Carlos Contreras
2015.05.11 may 2015
Published the book 'Animales y Derecho. Animals and the Law'
2015.06.02 june 2015
Dr. Marita Giménez-Candela corresponding academic of the Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Catalonia
2015.06.02 june 2015
Madrid - Presentation of the book “El derecho de los animales”
2015.05.07 may 2015
Presentation of the project ZOO XXI
2015.04.22 april 2015
Conference on Wildlife - 5th May 2015, Brussels
2015.04.22 april 2015
List of Conferences and Events Related to Animal Health and Welfare from April to June 2015 in the European Union
2015.03.04 march 2015
Animal´S Liberty Mobile APP For Consumers Against Products Tested On Animals
2015.03.01 march 2015
Conference – An Eagle Eye on TTIP
2015.02.04 february 2015
EC Workshop on Alternatives to Pig Castration
2015.01.23 january 2015
Seminar on 'hunting shack or parany bird and wildlife protection in Catalonia'
2015.01.09 january 2015
WVA and EC together for the 2nd Global Webinar on Animal Welfare: The importance of new technologies to empower vets in the field of Animal Welfare
2016.05.18 may 2016
The launch of ICALP: the first international and interdisciplinary Center for Animal Studies
2016.05.28 may 2016
Premiere in Europe -Unlocking the cage- The story of the Non-Human Rights Project: The film
2016.05.31 may 2016
Fundació CyO awards its CyO 'Respect for animals' prize to the Master Animal Law and Society
2017.09.13 september 2017
Bottlenose dolphin workshop – An overview of studies, alternatives and criteria to be considered when a captive facility closes
2017.09.12 september 2017
Fellow Brethren, Slaves and Companions: Human/Non-Human Animals Relations in Transformation
2017.07.24 july 2017
Forum on Animal Law at Bar Association of Sabadell
2017.06.05 june 2017
3rd Session of the Forum on Animal Law at the Bar Association of Sabadell
2017.05.22 may 2017
2on Session of the Forum on Animal Law at the Bar Association of Sabadell
2017.05.11 may 2017
III Conference on Animal Abuse in the Campus of Gipuzkoa of the University of the Basque Country
2017.02.22 february 2017
Unanimity in the Congress of Deputies to urge for the reform of the Spanish Civil Code to recognize animals as sentient beings.
2017.02.22 february 2017
2017.02.03 february 2017
Manifesto 'Animal Politique': Thirty proposals addressed to candidates for the presidential elections in France
2016.12.01 december 2016
Unlocking the Cage - Premiere in Lisbon
2016.11.29 november 2016
First Animal Rights Conference at Oviedo University
2016.11.08 november 2016
The linkages between ethics and law, the example of animal matter (Université de Limoges)
2016.07.25 july 2016
Micrcochip yourself
2016.06.14 june 2016
Ceremony Award CyO to Máster in Animal Law and PETA
2016.05.27 may 2016
I Conference on Animal Law and Welfare
2014.10.16 october 2014
10th Edition of salon ANIMALADDA
2014.10.08 october 2014
Homage to Prof. Dr. Teresa Giménez–Candela for her work in the field of Animal Law
2014.08.16 august 2014
IV World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights
2012.07.04 july 2012
Animal Law and Ethics - Reflecting on European, American and Asian Concepts, Zurich, 7-8 July 2012
2012.06.01 june 2012
Improving animal welfare: a practical approach (Sinaia, Romania , 21-23 rd June 2012)
2012.05.31 may 2012
Enforcement of European animal welfare related legislation (Bruselas, 12 – 13 June 2012)
2012.04.11 april 2012
International Symposium Animal Suffering: From science to the right. Paris 18-19 october 2012
2012.02.20 february 2012
International conference on the new 'EU Strategy on Animal Welfare 2012-2015', Brussels, 29 February - 1 March
2011.12.01 december 2011
First Workshop for Veterinary Practitioners. Improving Animal Welfare: a practical Approach
2011.05.06 may 2011
First Conference on Animal Welfare
2010.10.19 october 2010
The Construction of Identity: Original Peoples, Ethnic Minorities and non-human Animals
2010.09.28 september 2010
8th International Congress: Pet Animals, A Source of Health
2010.07.11 july 2010
Second World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights “the prospect for life on a changing planet”
2010.05.26 may 2010
Photographic exhibition
2010.04.23 april 2010
First International Forum of La Rioja. “ETHICS, ECOLOGY AND ANIMAL RIGHTS”
2010.04.19 april 2010
Programa III Seminari Animals (III Animal Seminar Program)
2010.01.19 january 2010
Conferencies Animalistes (Animalist Conferences) 2010
2009.11.26 november 2009
III Congrés sobre els Drets dels Animals (III Congress on the Rights of Animals)
2009.11.23 november 2009
I Simposio sobre la educación para la protección animal (I Symposium on the education for animal protection)
2009.10.29 october 2009
Lecture by Professor David Favre
2013.04.17 april 2013
EGALS: Official inaugural act in París 18-19 april
2013.07.02 july 2013
Launch of the Global Journal of Animal Law Åbo Akademi University, Finland
2013.08.13 august 2013
II International Seminar On Comparative Environmental Law, in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)
2014.07.22 july 2014
The reception in honour of the II Global Animal Law Conference at the Barcelona City Hall
2014.07.09 july 2014
2nd Global Animal Law Conference
2014.05.29 may 2014
Carlos Contreras is the first Spanish doctor in animal law
2014.05.21 may 2014
Carlos Contreras will defend the first Spanish doctoral thesis on animal law
2014.05.08 may 2014
Prof. Dr. Robert T. Hall, today at the Master in Animal Law & Society: Social Constructivism and casuistry in bioethics: Animal rights and advance directive
2014.04.30 april 2014
Symposium 'tomorrosw's animal: subject or object', 11 april in Nize
2014.03.18 march 2014
Congress: The Science of Animal Thinking and Emotion: Sentience as a Factor in Policy and Practice. March 17-18, 2014, Washington, DC
2014.01.17 january 2014
Conference 'Law of Cosmetics: Regulation, Responsibility, Bio-Ethics'
2014.01.08 january 2014
Report from Minding Animals Pre-Conference: Listen, Understand, Respond
2013.11.19 november 2013
The Animal point of view. Festival 'Mode d'Emploi' (Un Festival des Idées), Lyon 21 November 2013
2013.11.18 november 2013
TMB [Metropolitan Transportation of Barcelona] and the Municipal Government of Barcelona begin the process of preparing the access for dogs in the metro
2013.10.16 october 2013
Conference on Animal Law in the Faculty of Law of the UNAM (Mexico)
2013.10.14 october 2013
Animal Law Conferece for Veterinarians in the UNAM (Mexico)
2013.09.06 september 2013
The First European Conference on 'The welfare of dogs and cats' in Brussels on 28 October 2013
2013.08.12 august 2013
PAAWA Conference 2013, Kenya 2-4 Sept 2013 'Mainstreaming Welfare in Africa's Development'
2008.04.01 april 2008
Images, cultures and legends about animals