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2008.07.07 july 2008
Course on Animal Rights 2007-2008
2015.03.06 march 2015
ORF III – Kultur und Information on meat production, the dairy industry, and vegetarians: animal and consumer welfare.
2015.03.10 march 2015
Animal welfare on the dining table
2015.03.23 march 2015
Tagore Trajano, New prof. of Environmental Law at the Universidade Federal da Bahia (Brasil)
2015.04.21 april 2015
Animal Welfare on the dining table. The Easter Lamb
2015.06.02 june 2015
Animal welfare on the dining table - The pork industry
2015.09.24 september 2015
Animal Welfare on the Dining Table - The Free Lunch
2015.10.09 october 2015
Teaching Animal Law in the United States. Interview to David Favre, an Animal Law Professor at the Michigan State University
2016.04.18 april 2016
Workshop for PhD candidates in Animal Law, Ad-dA (UAB)
2017.05.17 may 2017
2014.06.16 june 2014
Dr. Andrew Rowan of the Humane Society International will close the 3rd edition of the Master in Animal Law and Society.
2009.07.07 july 2009
Course on Animal Rights 2008-2009
2010.03.17 march 2010
Course on Animal Rights 2009-2010
2010.01.31 january 2010
Course on Animal rights
2010.07.11 july 2010
Postgraduate Program in “Animals, Rights and Society”
2011.03.29 march 2011
Enrique Alonso teaches a postgraduate module on Animals, Rights and Society
2011.04.06 april 2011
The postgraduate degree “ANIMALES-DERECHO-SOCIEDAD” (ANIMALS-RIGHTS-SOCIETY) and the Research Group ADS of the UAB, invited to participate in the 6th Edition of C’MUN 2011 (Conference of Model United Nations of Barcelona)
2011.06.10 june 2011
Minding Animals Pre-Conference Event Animals & the Law
2011.06.10 june 2011
Legal Personhood and the Nonhuman Rights Project, masterful lecture by Professor Stephen M. Wise
2014.02.25 february 2014
Animal Law and Welfare Elective; academic year 2013-2014
2014.04.22 april 2014
Summary of the classes by Professor Jean Pierre Marguenaud in the Master in Animal Law and Society
2014.04.28 april 2014
Summary of the Classes of the 9th and 10th of January, 2014 by Prof. Dr. Anne Peters: Global Animal Law: Cases and Controversies
2014.04.29 april 2014
Summary of the classes by Professor Olivier Le Bot in the Master in Animal Law and Society
2014.05.21 may 2014
Conferences by Jesús Mosterín in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
2017.10.27 october 2017
Seminar “Animal Law in Latin America”